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A powerful way to raise money for charity, school trips, sports clubs, dance clubs and so much more with our highly profitable Fundraising program to help you achieve your dreams and goals!

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How it Works :

>You order on our online portal with a special web SHARE LINK 
Total Group Sales from zero to $5000.00 .

>Your Fundraising Organization Receives 25% of Net SalesTotal Group Sales from $5000.01 to $10000.00 Your Fundraising Organization Receives 30% of Net Sales

>Total Group Sales for over $11000.00 receive an extra 3% bonus of the entire fundraising sales . Example if your sales are $11,200.00 you now receive 33% of the $11200.00. No bonus for sales from $10000.01 to $10999.00.

Plus We pay the Shipping and Handling within Canada up to $500.00 in shipping charges !